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Today the personal computer becomes the important part of our life. We cannot do without it at home and in the office. In the office we create the important projects and reports by the instrumentality of PC, we use e-mail and we carry out set of other official duties. At home we use the personal computer or the laptop for entertainments, we read news in the Internet, and we store photos and music on it. Certainly each of us will agree that the important information which we do not want to lose is stored on the computer. The best decision is making data backup. Data backup and compare info will keep files with the information in safety. Many people think that PC data backup is necessary only for the companies and the system administrator has to make this procedure. Such opinion is ordinary mistake. Today the set of tools is developed and they can help us with any process. You have to learn to make PC data backup because it is necessary not only in the office but also at home. The home computer stores necessary files which have value for users. We all have a risk to lose the information and its restoration will occupy a lot of time and money. Therefore it is better to make automated data backup in advance. For example, we can keep copies of data on external drives or flash drive. Do not forget to make a copy of the important information. We know many reasons which lead to loss of data. For example, system failures and problems with a hard disk, virus attacks which destroy some files, natural disaster. It is necessary to find time for data backups, to study a corresponding material and to make automated data backup. Automated data backup is not a problem because you know the special programs for data backups and compare two directories.

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